Hotel Tigaiga på Teneriffa presenterar sin Big Hanna kompost på ’Buenas Días Canarias’. 

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Our establishment has a self-composting machine that transforms 50% of all organic waste generated by the hotel into compost, which is subsequently used to nourish 5,000 square meters of gardens. It is the first and only hotel in the Canary Islands to have this technology. The installation and commissioning of this self-composting machine has also been the result of an agreement reached with the City Council of Puerto de la Cruz and the waste management company Valoriza. The mentioned machine, BigHanna technology from Sweden, processes about 40 kilos per day, approximately 1,200 kilos per month, and the complete cycle of processing the waste into compost lasts about three weeks. It is a completely natural process that does not carry any external additives, but is based on the fermentation of the products itself.

Hotel Tigaiga - fostering sustainable change

För mer information kontakta vår distributör – Berca Brand

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