In the archipelago outside Stockholm in Sweden, in the middle of ‘Äpplarö Natural Reserve’ there is an island called ‘Norra Ekskäret’.

The island is equivalent in size to 8 soccer fields and has a unique environment. All buildings are made from wood that ‘melts’ in to the terrain very well.

Ekskäret describes their activities on their website – translated from swedish it reads as follows: 

‘We think a new meeting point is needed in Sweden. A place where meetings and experiences takes place from a platform of curiosity by all parties that want to develop their ability to handle the large questions of life and society. A visible physical place that are also a place for meetings on different levels.

‘This is why we choose Ekskäret – an island for exploring meetings but also as a force of change in society. With an aim of reaching out as well as being creative and provocative. Welcoming on academical and scientific ground. A network where accomplished people meet in discussions from different perspectives to create a wholeness. And real, sustainable solutions will be reached.’
The activities are summer camps for youngsters and conferences during the other months of the year focusing on personal development, self leadership and social change among other things.
Ekskäret have chosen to compost their food waste with a Big Hanna composter. This machine was earlier installed at Rosendals Trädgård but became to small for their needs – see Big Hanna blog 

Since our customers take care and compost their food waste on own site they are minimizing transport and emissions and making a huge profit for the environment. In our environmental work Susteco focus on the best way of conserve the earth’s resources by building composters with a long life span and operational reliability.

For more information about Big Hanna visit

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