October 9-12, 2011, Pittsburgh PA, USA, AASHE2011 Conference & Expo Creating Sustainable Campuses & Communities

Vertal inc. and EC ALL Ltd will be exhibiting at AASHE2011 Conference & Expo Creating Sustainable Campuses & Communities in October 9-12, 2011, Pittsburgh PA, USA. AASHE is the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in High Education and we anticipate that the visitors at the conference will be impressed with reference sites around the globe such as McGill University in Canada, Imperial College in England and Univeristy of Ioannina in Greece. 

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Installation at Arholma North Lodge Archipelago

In early August, we installed a Big Hanna composter model T40 at Arholma North Lodge Archipelago in the northern Stockholm archipelago. Arholma North is a hostel on the island Arholma’s northern tip with a breathtaking nature. If you are in the Stockholm area in the summer time it is definetely worth a visit. This area is known to be one of the most beatiful around Stockholm.
We asked them to write in their own words why they choose to start composting with Big Hanna:

“We wanted to do something to reduce our variable waste charges which had started to get very expensive. At the same time, we wanted to find another way to take care of our food waste because it seemed like a big waste and environmentally insane to transport several bags of food waste from the island every week, while we transported bags of soil each spring for our cultivations and flowerbeds. We have several times looked for a compost solution for our food waste but not found a sensible solution, but this spring we found Big Hanna’s website on the internet and after some thought, we bought a Composter that fit our needs. It is now in operation and we are very pleased, not only with its operation but also the contact, response and installation from Susteco AB.”Arholma North Lodge Archipelago – in the northern Stockholm archipelago

This hostel is located on a previously top secret coastal defense facility in the outer archipelago. Strategically located by the sea on Arholma’s northern tip, is Battery Arholma. Battery Arholma was built for the Cold War (it was completed in 1968) and is a major coastal defense system with a 10.5 cm heavy coastal artillery gun located at Arholma’s northern tip. The cannon overlooks the Åland Sea and the rock below hides a major facility with barracks, command center, kitchen, medical facilities etc. The plant was secret and would protect Sweden from a hostile invasion. Read more at www.batteriarholma.se 

We had a lovely installation day on Arholma North and would warmly recommend a visit – read more at their website www.arholmanord.se for opening hours, etc.

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