Installation of a Big Hanna composter in a block of flats for young students and workers in Besançon, France.

SYBERT is a regional waste management company covering 198 local councils with 230 000 residents. SYBERT’s strategy is focused on waste minimization and a variety of measures have been introduced to change peoples habits regarding waste. 

In order to be able to offer solutions that makes it possible to avoid or minimize waste at source an ambitious program has been carried out for waste minimization and composting for the residents in the cities and the countryside. The program has been implemented in cooperation with the EU, ADEME and Conseil géneral du Doubs.

Sybert has installed a Big Hanna composter in a block of flats for young workers and students for collection of food waste from the residents and nearby properties. 

Big Hanna model T240 has been installed in ground floor of the resdential building. 
Food waste is collected three times per week from the residents and daily from the restaurant in the building. The food waste is then fed in to the Big Hanna. 

The premises have a place for washing the bins used for collection of food waste. The residents gets a clean bin when they have left their food waste.  

Secondary treatment is done nearby in these wooden crates. 

Click here for more information on Big Hanna in France.

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