Why should you compost with Big Hanna?

Food waste is turned into an asset - compost.     Suitable for densely populated areas with our unique biofilter.    No transportation of food waste, savings on collection fees and zero emissions.     Compost recovers depleted soils.    No need for chemical fertilizers.    Machine's life span - more than 20 years.    Machine's end of life - 99% recyclable.    Earn credits in LEED and BREEAM.
Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

Big Hanna Composter is the obvious choice for composting all your food waste on-site. Say no to transportation of food waste – make the sustainable choice instead reducing your carbon footprint.If food waste is sent to landfill the food waste rots and produces methane gas 21 times more damaging to our climate than CO2. Below is an illustration on what you can save in Metric tons CO2EQ every year compared to landfill (using EPA.org WARM calculator).







GHG Emissions Landfilled MTCO2 EQ






GHG Emissions Composted MTCO2 EQ






Savings GHG Emissions MTCO2 EQ







Neter12 Neter20 Neter28


GHG Emissions Landfilled MTCO2 EQ

287 479 672


GHG Emissions Composted MTCO2 EQ

-37 -62 -86


Savings GHG Emissions MTCO2 EQ

-324 -541 -758


Reduce your cost for collection of food waste

If you are not content of being an Eco warrier and doing this for free there are financial incentives as well. Big Hanna Composter has an expected and proven lifespan of 20 years (when serviced and operated according to instructions). By investing in a Big Hanna Composter you take control of your cost for treating food waste for the next 20 years. Exactly how much profit you will make from your Big Hanna Composter is difficult to say. The costs of taking care of food waste vary between countrie. With the closure of landfill sites all over the world and the introduction of the concept of recycling, waste treatment is becoming more and more costly. Contact us / our distributors and we will help you with an waste audit and see how much you will save.

’Natural process’ - gives you the most mature compost

The product that comes out from Big Hanna has been in the cylinder for 6-10 weeks. It is not heated up, the heat is generated naturally – we only aerate the material. No chemical or biological additives are used – only sawdust, wood chips or pelletized sawdust. It is not accelerated in any way, it is not done in 5 minutes – it is a natural process – which will give you a mature high quality compost.Because we keep the material inside the cylinder for so long the compost that comes out is stable (not smelly) and does not need further aeration or turning like the product from many other systems need. This is one reason the Big Hanna is well suited for use in highly populated areas. The compost is used as a soil amendment which means there is no need for chemical soil additives (chemical fertilizers) or peat. Compost from a number of Big Hanna’s has been analysed according PAS 100, the UK standard for compost quality, surpassing the quality requirements.

The original since 1991, installed in more than 35 countries

For almost 30 years, the Big Hanna composters have demonstrated their efficiency in local composting of food waste. They can compost all food waste including meat, fish, dairy products, garden waste and most compostable organic matter. Big Hanna Composter was named ALEtrumman when the first installation was made in 1991. Now we are using only the name Big Hanna which has been in use for the last 20 years or so for our export markets. ALEtrumman/Big Hanna was invented by Torsten Hultin, a Swedish sociologist. Since the first installation there has been many more around the world – take a look at the ‘References’ pages and our ‘News blog’.


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