About us

The invention

The Big Hanna was invented by Torsten Hultin, a Swedish sociologist in 1991. Torsten wanted to create awareness about how the way our society uses and misuse its resources, and how dependent we are on our local and global environment. We cannot hope to reverse trends without changing our habits. On-site composting is a vehicle for education and empowerment – central solutions do not have the same impact.

Our long-term commitment

Today Big Hanna composters are installed in more than 35 countries. Our customers all have very high requirements on the economical and practical handling of their food waste. We have a vast experience from our many installations and can make sure that the chain from food waste to compost works as simply as possible.

Environmental Policy

Berca Brand goal is to:

  • Have ‘Sustainability’, ‘Technology’, ‘Ecology’ and ‘Economy’ guiding us in all our business operations.
  • Introduce local composting schemes together with our customers by marketing compost machines, education, information, service and maintenance in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • Manufacture the Big Hanna composter in an environmentally sound way.
  • Be a role model for our customers in prioritising a sustainable environment.
  • With good margin meet the environmental demands, demands on internal as well as external information from the authorities.
  • Increase the general awareness of recycling and waste handling in the society.
  • Work for an ongoing discussion on the environmental aspect of the daily work at our company.
  • Purchase only environmentally sound services and products.
  • In our work only to use environmentally labelled chemicals.
  • Keep us and our customers informed about the development of the environmental issues that concerns our business.
  • Constantly work for an improvement of our environmental work within our business.

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