Sustainable tourism in Tenerife

Today we want to share our customer ‘Hotel & Suites Tigaiga’s information about how they work towards Sustainable Tourism and renewed their ISO14000 certificate. We are proud that our Big Hanna machine is a part of this.

Read more about how they work with Sustainable Tourism at Tigaiga 

Also read more about their ISO 14001 etc in their blog:

Big Hanna composter – working in harmony with nature

We believe in nature’s own composting process without accelerators nor additives producing a mature compost. We believe that eating ‘slow food’ is healthier for our bodies and composting leftovers slowly is healthier for Mother Nature. Our natural process gives you the most mature compost that recovers depleted soils. There is no need for chemical fertilizers, use your own compost.

The video can also be found by clicking this link 

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