Big Hanna at Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Israel

Big Hanna composter at Ein Gedi Kibbutz

Kibbutz  Ein Gedi is situated on the shores of the Dead Sea, in the jurisdiction of Tamar Regional Council, surrounded by amazing nature.

Ecotourism being the main income source in the region, the council is interested in joining the green environmental trend, popular all over the world and also in Israel, by minimizing the load of refuse going into landfills.

Mr Dov Litvinof, the head of the Regional Council Tamar, Mr Yaakov Akrish, manager of community affairs and Mr Neri Erely from Ein Gedi, together with the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection have decided to start the green project in Ein Gedi.

After checking several composting options – Big Hanna stood out as the most suitable for the needs of the Kibbutz, and decision was made to purchase a Big Hanna composter from the Israeli dealer, “Y.E.R  Technologies ltd”.

The composter is operated by the gardening team of the Kibbutz and processes dining hall food scraps and zoo refuse. Thanks to Big Hanna much refuse is recycled into excellent compost, instead of ending in landfills.

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