The County council in Val de Marne, France install a second Big Hanna composter in Valenton

The County council in Val de Marne located south east of Paris, continue to implement their policy of sustainable development and management of food waste by installing a second Big Hanna modell T120 to convert the organic food waste from the canteen at the county technical department in Valenton.

The equipment that has been installed and commissioned by the company Ar-Val are: One Big Hanna composter model T120, a binlift, a bio filter, one secondary treatment area and a roof covering the units. 

The installation of the system makes it possible for the canteen to recycle a part of their waste on-site by making their own compost. By doing that they respect the law “La loi grenelle” which regulate the treatment of organic waste in France.

To convert their biological waste on-site is seen as a major cultural novelty in this county.

The compost of quality NFU 44-051 will of course be used by the park management within the engineering department but also will aslo be sold for use in a research project about green roofs.

They will also use the compost as a soil amendment in their vegetable gardens.

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