Seven Big Hannas delivered to southern Italy

Together with our partner Achab Group we have had the pleasure to deliver seven Big Hannas to the region of Puglia in the southeastern part of Italy.

Big Hanna model T480

The composters (T480 and T240) were delivered to Italy between September and December 2015. Since then Achab Group has delivered the machines to the seven municipalities and they will start up the installations during the spring. 

   The delivery includes a
 Big Hanna as well as construction and installation of security system, a water collection system, roofing and prefabricated support. Achab Group will also handle the training of the local staff and implement the start up process.
     The Big Hanna is equipped with a Touch screen panel and is connected by an Ethernet cable to the municipalities own internal network. This enables the staff to control the machine by a remote system and constantly monitor the temperature of the internal process, the operating parameters and to get daily reports on activities in real time. 

Local composting – zero transportation

In Italy the project goes under the name ”0 km from organic waste to compost” to enhance the local perspective. The organic waste will be collected at every household in the municipality and emptied in the local Big Hanna. The machine will turn the waste into fertilising compost which will be used in the local area.
     The seven sites allow a total average capacity of 120 t/year and will decrease costs as well as  facilitate organic waste management. Local composting eliminates both transportation costs and CO2 emissions when the municipalities no longer need to transport their organic waste to remote waste facilities.

We´ll keep you updated

There are so far seven municipalities in the Puglia province that invested in a Big Hanna’s: Sant’Agata, Panni, Anzano, Lizzanello, Miggiano, Montesano Salentino and Ugento.

     We will follow the coming start-ups with great interest and share the results here as the composters are up and running throughout spring and early summer.
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