First in Portugal to compost their food waste with Big Hanna – Restaurante Mauritânia Real

Earlier this month Fenix Ambiente in co-operation with Berca Brand installed a Big Hanna at the famous Restaurante Mauritânia Real in Matosinhos, Portugal. Our representative, Fenix Ambiente is dedicated to solutions focused on local, community and municipal composting and works to help their customers meeting the European goals and establishing a circular economy where the natural compost will be used to recover depleted soils.


About the restaurant Mauritânia Real

Very close to the Basilio Teles garden, and next to the Matosinhos Town Hall is the Mauritânia Real.

Its decoration is simple and elegant, and the space has a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Mauritânia Real is the famous brewery restaurant where you will find everything from always fresh fish dishes to hearty meat dishes and appetizing seafood. The highlight is the fisherman’s fish rice, the grilled squids, the grilled beef ribs, the steak, the Brazilian picanha, the Mauritian veal stew, the Alentejo pork, the Lagareiro cod , the monkfish kebab decorated with shrimp, the grilled sole, the seafood assortment, the shrimp from our coast, the seafood rice, among many other irresistible delicacies. Be sure to check out the dessert menu, you won’t regret it.

Mauritania Real is the ideal restaurant for a business lunch or a family dinner.

Source: The Fork 8,9/10 (107 reviews)

Big Hanna’s RFID tags – a system making it easy to reward those who are doing it right

The first Big Hanna composters have now been installed in Cyprus by Tufit Stone Ltd. The composters are installed in housing areas where those who wants to compost has been given RFID tags. The tag will give you access to a small house with a Big Hanna composter. You put the food waste on the scale, register your RFID tag and then the weight is registered, the inlet hatch open and you can empty the food waste into Big Hanna. We believe that people want to take back responsibility and fight climate change locally and are willing to do so wherever they live, work or enjoy life. This system makes it easy to reward those who are doing it right, they are of course given a reduced collection fee.

These installations are a part of an EU funded project involving three countries; Greece, Cyprus and North Macedonia. Big Hanna registers how much food waste is composted and gives a summary to the local council that they can use to report back to the project. The purpose of this project is to implement systems working according to the principle ‘Pay as you throw’ for food waste and Big Hanna certainly fits this description with its new RFID system. EU have set focus on that biowaste should be treated biologically. Deadline for this is 31/12/2023.


The Big Hanna’s are installed in different housing areas, all installed in small houses near natural meeting points such as playgrounds and bus stations. Every machine is equipped with a lock on the inlet hatch, scale and RFID reader which are all integrated with Big Hanna’s control system. The local council can connect to the machines via internet to get reports on temperatures, settings and how much has been fed into the machine.

Our distributor Tufit Stone Ltd, has built the houses, installed the machines and in cooperation with Yermasogia council implemented this system which is a first in Cyprus.

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