Skövdebostäder chose Big Hanna for their new residential area

The Swedish municipal real estate company Skövde-bostäder is constructing a new ecological residential area in Aspö, beautifully located northwest of the city Skövde in the southwest part of Sweden. The area represents a unique project with the ambition to create an environmentally profiled residential area with focus on the interaction between people and nature. The concept includes local composting and Skövde-bostäder chose a Big Hanna T120 to compost the residents’ food waste.


The inauguration was held in September 2016 by representatives from both Skövde-bostäder and the construction company Peab. Cecilia Ek represented Big Hanna and demonstrated the compost machine Big Hanna T120 and how the compost process works during progress.  

A residential area in harmony with nature

The residential project Aspö Eko-logi was started in February 2015 and the first tenants moved in during June 2016. The whole area is estimated to be fully built by 2018 at the earliest. When it´s fully inhabited it will consist of seven residential buildings varying in sizes and the amount of floors. The municipal real estate owner Skövde-bostäder already maintained activities at a municipal center, Aspögården, on the premises. This center will continue to develop in harmony with the residential area with the idea that future residents will be able to take part in the activities in different ways. 

Big Hanna an important part of the environmental profile 

Aspö Eko-logi was designed by Micael Ekberg at Abako Architects and built by the construction firm Peab. The residential area has a strong environmental profile with a number of details that have been well thought through. The facades will to a high extent be built by natural materials and harmonize with the surroundings. Energy consumption and energy recovery are both important issues; the buildings are therefor constructed with passive house technology and solar power plants will ad to the production of hot water and electricity. Energy will be recovered from waste water, and rain water will be collected and used to water the communal gardens and kitchen garden. 
The Landscape architect John Tizzard designed the gardens and planned many practical details such as fruit trees and -bushes, berries and edible plants that can be used for food or dessert. The household waste will be loaded into the Big Hanna T120 and turned into compost which will fertilise the area’s many gardens.  It´s all part of a recycling system that aim to create the smallest possible environmental impact.  

Big interest for local composting

Big Hanna T120 was installed during the summer and on the opening day Cecilia Ek from Big Hanna was present to demonstrate its function to many interested visitors. T120 will be producing an estimated 50-100 liters of nutritious soil fertiliser each week and thus be an important part of the neighbourhoods environmental work and profile.

Chef Rune Kalf Hansen cooked organic food

Chef Rune Kalf Hansen were present during the whole day. As well as cooking tasty organic food for all the guests he gave inspiring tips about environmentally conscious living; such as how to cook and how to grow organic food in the communal organic garden. 

As the inauguration day turned into evening the sun set beautifully on Big Hanna and the residential area Aspö Eko-logi. 

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