Composting at MEF Schools, Istanbul, Turkey

We are pleased to announce that on 5 February 2020, a Big Hanna Composter model T120 with a biofilter was installed at MEF Schools for turning kitchen waste into fertilizer. MEF Schools is a well-known private national school located in the Ortaköy district of İstanbul, Turkey which has 2,000 students and 300 employees. Beside that academic and social success, MEF Schools has a goal of raising environmental awareness of their students. They are seriously focused on sustainable development and composting its food waste on-site helps reduce its carbon footprint.

MEF Schools cafeteria serves meals to students and employees every day. The food waste from the kitchen and the leftovers from the student’s cafeteria are composted in Big Hanna Composter T120 machine. Unilever Food Solutions in Turkey supported this project and the program has been implemented in cooperation with Beşiktaş Municipality. As partner of that project, Beşiktaş Municipality will use the finished compost as soil amendments in their green park areas. Also, the students are very interested with food waste composting process and willing to improve themselves for organic recycling.

Our distributor in Turkey, Ecotec’s CEO, Mehmet Başaran, successfully installed the machine and thereafter conducted training sessions at MEF Schools. Every year, millions of tons of food and yard waste goes to landfills and releases greenhouse gases. We hope that many other schools in Turkey will follow MEF Schools and play an active role in turning kitchen waste into compost and preventing climate change.

Link to Ecotec, our distributor in Turkey

Link to MEF Schools



Big Hanna composter, working in harmony with nature

We have seen a change in the way people think about food, at least here in Sweden. 10-15 years ago, people said: ‘You can’t compost because the soil will be contaminated with dangerous chemicals and pesticides.’ We always answered: ‘This is food that you are prepared to eat, to put inside your body so you should be willing to make compost out of it?’ Today, people are talking about the quality of food, growing locally and ‘slow food’ has become popular, we are so much more aware, and this makes us hopeful and we feel that things are moving ever so slowly in the right direction, towards sustainability.

Big Hanna does not use any accelerators nor additives when it is producing mature compost. We believe in working in harmony with nature.

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