We warmly recommend this book produced by Ronald Gilchrist, Alfred Grand and Marion Joss. Here’s why:
The way our food is currently produced is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and their derivative chemicals. As the cost of oil increases, the cost of our food will continue to spiral.

“A Farm for the Future”, Rebecca Hosking’s revealing BBC documentary [available on YouTube], highlighted how serious this is for our future. We have to find a more sustainable way to produce our food.

This book describes just such a way – the Green-way. By learning from Nature and developing permaculture principles, with the minimum of materials, anyone – anywhere – can build a Grow Your Own (GYO) garden and grow food.

Currently in our global village there are over 94 million people in food poverty – their community may have food but they cannot afford to buy enough to feed their families.

This book details your steps to . . .

  • design and build your own garden
  • maximise your soil fertility
  • grow gardens full of delicious and nutritious herbs, salads, fruits and vegetables
  • save money and eat healthy food
  • create a sustainable community garden

This Hands-on Guide will allow you to recycle your kitchen scraps and garden waste into top quality FOOD – lots of it – without using chemicals. Regardless of skills, abilities and how much space you have – anyone can do it – the Green-way.

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