‘The University of Ioannina (North-Western Greece), the 4th biggest Greek University with more than 12000 under- and graduate students has recently installed an aerobic treatment system (Big Hanna continuous flow composter, with weekly process-ing capacity of 400-1200 kg of wastes, from the company Susteco AB, Sweden) in order to covert the food residues from the student restaurant, the student residences and the canteens (approximately 120 kg/day) within the University campus in a first class compost. The compost produced is used for the restoration of areas within the campus and in gardens of the University personnel. The aim of the diploma thesis was to monitor the composter’s operation through calculation of the carbon balance, based on measurements of different environ-mental parameters during a period of 4 months’

Wording from the abstract of the thesis – we are especially happy with the conclusion made: 

‘The excellent operation of the system is also demonstrated by the fact that no lechates were formed neither methane that could be an indicator of anaerobic conditions. In addition during the operation the 41.97% of the incoming carbon is converted into compost and 49.10% is converted to CO2.’

Link to University of Ioannina

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