During this summer another two schools in Devon got their Big Hanna Composters installed, Ladysmith Infants School and Whipton Barton Junior School.

At Ladysmith Infants school there are 350 children, but they also cook for 100 nursery children and 340 pupils at the Ladysmith Junior school which is why the amount of compostable waste is significantly higher than expected for a school of this size. They now have a model T75 installed to compost approximately 260 kgs food waste per week. Ladysmith Infant School and Nursery is awarded silver in the ‘Food for Life Partnership’ for its healthy food so we expect the compost to be of excellent quality! 

At Ladysmith Infant school they have flowerbeds where they are  growing flowers and vegetables and strawberries. At a visit to Ladysmith by Susteco’s Cecilia Ek on the 12th of October noticed that the strawberries were ready to be picked and eaten! This is the second harvest for Ladysmith this year. It is very unusual and due to the nice warm weather in Devon this autumn. 

At Whipton Barton Junior School there are 250 children but they also cook for Whipton Barton Infants, The Topsham School and Montgomery Primary school, which explains why they also produce more than the expected amount of food waste for a school of this size. 

The operator of the Big Hanna, Kevin Waite, kept feeding grass cuttings and soft leaves into the composter during the summer break to start up the biological process. Now when the term has started again all food waste is put into the Big Hanna. Picture below shows Big Hanna Composter in a cage!

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Link to Ladysmith Infant School

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