Officials of the Société des Alcools du Quebec proudly pose in front of the Big Hanna composter model T60 recently installed at the Quebec SAQ distribution center.

After impressive efforts to achieve this Big Hanna composter project, all employees of the SAQ in Quebec can now insert all of their food waste in the composter.

Representatives of the Vertal inc. company spared no efforts to get all necessary permits and authorizations for all food waste composting of including even meat, fish and dairy solids. The composting facility was awarded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks of Québec a complete certificate of authorization allowing the composting of all the cafeteria’s food waste of the Quebec SAQ distribution center.

Congratulations to all participants in this project that have clearly demonstrated that it is possible to take concrete action in reducing the environmental impacts of our daily activities.

Local composting is profitable for all.

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