In Sweden it´s still cold, gardening and cultivation is but a dream, but in Italy spring is in the air. Our partners in Italy, the Achab Group, welcomes spring by honouring Big Hanna and local composting. We gladly like to share their words with all of you. Soon spring will reach both Sweden and the British Islands.

Spring is finally here and the compost is up and running 

The snow is melting in the northern parts of Italy and further south the first plants are beginning to grow. Nature is waking up after winter and all growing things need to be nurtured. What could possibly be better than compost produced by the Big Hanna? Local composting is an ideal solution for small and middle sized municipalities or neighborhoods that are far away from waste recycling facilities or lack large scale compost facilities. With a Big Hanna organic waste is easily managed and useful compost is easily produced. 

Big Hanna – now in 32 locations all over Italy

All the way from Valle d’Aosta on the northern border towards Switzerland, along the Mediterranean Sea to the west and Adriatic Sea to the east, as far as the southeastern tip and across to Sicily they appreciate the advantage of local composting. At 32 different locations we have installed a Big Hanna which turn organic waste into nurturing soil. The process decrease the CO2 emissions since fewer transports are needed and locally produced compost fertilises local agriculture and gardens. In cooperation with the Achab Group we have installed Big Hannas, trained staff and spread our conviction that local composting is the best way to recycle organic waste and create a better environment both locally and globally. Fewer emissions and a healthy soil. 

We installed a Big Hanna in Valle D´Aosta in 2013, watch the local news story here:

Read more about the Achab Group here:

Read more about Big Hanna composers and different models here:

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