A picture is worth more than a thousand words… So we wanted to share these pictures with you from a recent visit at One Brighton in UK. First picture shows a roof-top allotment where compost from Big Hanna Composter has been added to one half – guess which one? 
Salad growing in One Brighton
Yes, it’s the left side where the salad is growing! 
On the the terrace where the allotments are, there is a bucket with compost which the residents can to use and it says: “A gift from Big Hanna”. 
From the Green Caretake blog: 
‘I have a passion for compost. That’s not something I often admit in casual conversation but I’m not ashamed of it. I think compost could save the world and I don’t just mean by reducing waste and using it as a growing medium, it’s also a wonderful educational tool. There is something beautiful about waste breaking down naturally and then being used again to sustain life. Compost can get people back in touch with nature and can help them understand that life is actually sustainable and rewarding if we make the right choices and take some responsibility for our own impact on the environment. Is my passion so crazy?’

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