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From New Zealand’s Defence Force is going green with a new initiative targeting the food waste it produces. It’s starting with the Navy, which as well as protecting our shores, is now making its own compost.

TVNZ’s OneNews reporter, Matt McLean, recently visited the Vince McGlone Galley at Devonport Naval Base and was pleasantly surprised at the standard of cuisine prepared there. Petty Officer Chef Simon Gillbanks explained what was on the menu that day. “We’ve got some pork loin, with apple and blue cheese coleslaw, pan-fried steak with a herb butter, and a Malaysian rendang curry.”

Welcome to the Navy, where apparently, they’re aiming for a Michelin star!

“This sounds very gourmet,” Matt remarked to Simon.

“We’ve got to do it flash, and keep the boys [and girls] happy,” said Simon. “They’re never happy, some want a medium-rare steak, others want well-done!” Despite the routine grumbles, Matt checked in the galley dining room and found a high level of satisfaction.

But keeping the Navy well fed means the chefs are preparing up to 3,000 meals a week – that equates to 95 tonnes of food waste a year. “What to do with those scraps?” asked reporter Matt.

Until now, they’ve been carted off to the tip. But not any more thanks to Big Hanna.

Shaun Bowler, of Big Hanna Composter Ltd, explained how Big Hanna works. “She composts onsite and in a closed vessel, which means that instead of trucking food waste off your site, you’re actually turning it into rich, nutritious compost onsite.”

It takes around eight weeks for the food to get turned into compost.

Shaun Bowler continued, “Think of Big Hanna as a big gut. As the food passes through during that eight to ten week period, she goes through different zones of bacteria, until the process is finished. It’s a natural, biological process.”

The Navy is already seeing cost savings and environmental benefits. The Navy chefs have noted big waste reductions. There are now plans to expand it to other New Zealand Defence Force bases.

As TV reporter Matt concluded, “‘The Navy – clean, green and great chefs. Who knew?”

Article courtesy of TVNZ One News.

View the video at TVNZ: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/defence-force-go-green-video-6251078

For more information about Big Hanna in New Zealand www.bighanna.co.nz

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