Kanyon Shopping Mall is a multi-purpose complex located on the Büyükdere Avenue in the Levent business district of Istanbul, Turkey. It houses 160 stores as well as an office- and a residential block. During 2016 Kanyon celebrate it´s 10th anniversary and decided to meet the future with a more sustainable waste management. They invested in a Big Hanna T120 composter.

As more and more companies turn towards a green philosophy the Kanyon Shopping Mall wanted to implement a project which was to be the first of it’s kind in Turkey. Here the Big Hanna T120 will use the work of microorganisms and turn all the food waste collected at the Mall into compost. The process will produce an estimated annual output of 6.5 tons of compost. In April the Big Hanna was installed and so far the outcome lives up to the expectations.


Environmentally friendly

The composter creates a natural soil fertilizer and is one of the most environmentally friendly solutions to organic waste management. The system decreases the number of garbage containers locally as well as the amount of waste transports. In the long run it also considerably reduces the need of landfill sites and thereby reduce the need to sanitize soil as well as avoid contamination of groundwater. The waste volume is reduced by 90% and it´s weight by 50%. To reduce the odorous emissions that are naturally generated by the composting process, the machine is equipped with a biofilter. Through the effective loading system any hygiene problems are eliminated.

 Local use of compost
The Big Hanna is up and running and in the near future it will produce high quality compost that will be used in the area around the Kanyon Shopping Mall. The aim is that the compost will be part of the organic life cycle and help produce food in the local area.

Huge reduction

Thanks to Big Hanna T120 the Kanyon Shopping Mall will reduce it’s waste by 26 tons of garbage and at least 104 tons of carbon dioxide annually – an important step towards a more sustainable environment.

Our partner

Ecotec is our partner and distributor in Turkey. The company is run by Mehmet Basaran and situated in Istanbul. Mehmet Basarans’ philosophy is to spread a wider awareness about sustainability, recycling and composting as well as distributing our Big Hanna composters. Big Hanna and Ecotec have cooperated since 2011 and Ecotec handled the installation of the Big Hanna T120 at the Kanyon Shopping Mall www.kanyon.com.tr in Istanbul.
Read more about Ecotec: http://www.ecotec.com.tr
Read more about the installation in Turkish: http://www.enerjiport.com/surdurulebilirlik-kanyonda/80139/ 
Read more about Big Hanna: http://www.bighanna.com

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