Food Waste Composter – Big Hanna Composter

Big Hanna Composter can now be seen (again) on You Tube and on  Imperial College’s website where the “CompPod building” housing IMC’s macerating and dewatering equipment (the Waste Pro) together with Big Hanna Composter is installed. Together they process 1.1 tonnes of food waste each week – some 80% is reduced through the macerating/dewatering. Then the Big Hanna composting unit convert the macerated and dewatered food waste into a rich organic compost.

Here’s Imperial College in London own presentation:
“Imperial College London Facilities Management has built a stand-alone unit to house equipment for composting food waste.

CompPod, the unit provides a contained environment to carry out the composting process and could be relocated if desired. The CompPod is a world first and contains the technology required to process the 1.1 tonnes of food waste produced each week on the South Kensington Campus. The compost produced will be used to enhance grounds within the Campus.

The process makes a significant contribution in diverting waste from landfill, allowing the College to comply with the EU Landfill Directive. And is an excellent example of recycling in action. Download the case study for further details.

Please follow this link to open a window for a short video presentation (4m 20s), in which our Nic Dent and Gabriel Cebrian-Gomez provide you with more information about the CompPod.”

We welcomes Imperial College in to the Big Hanna Composter family! This year 3 high-profile universities have choosen Big Hanna Composter – stay tuned for more news…

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