The Autonomous Region of Valle D’ Aosta, ARPA Valle d’Aosta and the Institute Agricole Régional, have started in a project in order to respond to the growing interest of citizens about the practice of home composting and more generally of waste reduction, continued the ‘experimental program for monitoring the quality of the compost produced locally’.

The plan is to install, monitor and compare different methods of composting for the disposal of food waste and green products in the canteen of the Institut Agricole Régional and agricultural centre for the disabled ‘Ollignan Foundation’. The experiment was initiated in 2013 and the monitoring and evaluation of the results of different methods of composting will be conducted over a two-year period. The demonstration and training activities will assume a permanent character. The test involves researchers, teachers and students of the IAR and operators and users from the ‘Foundation Ollignan’.

Objectives of the project:
2 sites set up demonstration of home composting and proximity.

  • Compare different techniques of composting
  • Monitoring the complex transformation of organic waste into compost different
  • Assess the quality of compost products
  • Educating students to home composting
  • Reduce the amount of organic waste produced by the IAR and the ‘Foundation Ollignan’

They serve about 300 meals per week and also produce a fair amount of vegetable waste from agricultural activities carried out. From March 4, 2013, all of food waste is composted with with a Big Hanna composter, model T40.

Please below find a film clip from the installation: 

To see the entire newscast: RAI (10:53) 

For information about Big Hanna in Italy please contact our distributor ACHAB Srl 
For more information about ‘Fonditation Ollignan’ see 

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