In 1995 the tenants association HSB Brf Vårlöken installed an ALEtrumman kompost model T60 (now marketed as Big Hanna composter). The tenants decided that they should compost together in the housing area instead of letting it be picked up every week.

Today 22 years later, thanks to its robust construction, the machine is still in operation. The association is now a community association with 35 individually owned houses. The house owners sort their food waste and put it directly in to the Big Hanna which is installed indoors.

The alternative to composting on site is today letting the local council pick up source separated food waste. The food waste is then transported to a biogas facility in Falköping for treatment (a distance of 74 km).

If today’s solution would be applied on the last 22 years of operation this means that the T60 have reduced transportation of food waste equivalent to two laps around the globe or 84 656 km (calculating only one-way trips from Mariestad to Falköping).


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