Italy is getting more and more determined to implement a more sustainable waste management and local composting is one important step on the way. In June 2016 another Big Hanna was installed in Bassiano, a small mountain village 25 miles southwest of Rome.

Picturesque mountain village

Bassiano is a beautiful mountain village at 562 meters above sea level. The tiny village climbs around the hill with a lovely view over the surrounding landscape. A large part of the old curtain wall still remains and a walk through the narrow alleys takes the visitor back to medieval times. In one of the five old churches in the village a cave was recently found with old frescoes dating back to the year 1005. Apart from its historical inheritance Bassiano is famous for its prosciutto. It is prepared using strictly natural and traditional methods and stands out because of the seasoning: a dressing of garlic, pepper and white wine, followed by a 17-18 months long period of dry-curing. The end result is excellent, so much so that the inhabitants of Bassiano dedicate a festival to their ham: the Ham Festival is held once a year on the last Sunday of July. Bassiano was founded in 880 and has a total of 1600 inhabitants. 

Local composting

To create a sustainable waste management the municipality began to build a system for local composting during 2016 and chose to invest in a Big Hanna T240.
The compost machine can load between 400-1200 kilos of organic waste each week and is equipped with an efficient biofilter to reduce the odours that occur during the decomposition. The municipality will also begin to collect food waste from the local households and load it into the Big Hanna T240.


Instead of costly and time consuming transports the organic waste will now be recycled and reused as a natural fertilizer. The ambition is that all compost will be used in the local area.


Big Hanna T240 was installed at the waste collection site in Bassiano on June 21, 2016.  The installation went very well and the machine is up and running. In 6 to 10 weeks the waste will be turned into valuable compost.
The installationen was made by our distributor Achab Group.
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