We are adding new tools to Big Hanna’s toolbox

We believe in making it easy for our operators to create the high-quality compost that Big Hanna is well known for. In addition to temperature sensors throughout the biological process it is now possible to monitor moisture in the mass inside the cylinder and humidity + CO2 in the air from the composter. The additional parameters will make it easier for our operators to control that the input has the correct moisture and that the biological process is well aerated. These parameters will naturally be logged and logfiles can be accessed onsite as well as through remote connection.


CO2 sensor

The CO2 sensor (optional) measures the CO2 content in the air coming from the composter. In aerobic composting, the more oxygen that is available, the more carbon dioxide (CO2) produced, the less methane (CH4), and the more complete the decomposition. As biological activity progresses, the oxygen concentration falls, and CO2 concentration increases. 

Moisture sensors

Moisture sensors (optional) are available for measuring moisture in the mass inside the cylinder and in the air from the cylinder.

The sensor measuring moisture in the mass inside the cylinder is measuring volumetric water content (VWC). Simply put this gives a value of appr. 0% if the sensor is in air and appr. 100% in saltwater as it calculates conductivity. Recommended value is 40-70%.

The sensor measuring humidity in the airflow from the composter is measuring relative humidity (rH).  Relative humidity depends on air pressure and temperature.

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First in Portugal to compost their food waste with Big Hanna – Restaurante Mauritânia Real

Earlier this month Fenix Ambiente in co-operation with Berca Brand installed a Big Hanna at the famous Restaurante Mauritânia Real in Matosinhos, Portugal. Our representative, Fenix Ambiente is dedicated to solutions focused on local, community and municipal composting and works to help their customers meeting the European goals and establishing a circular economy where the natural compost will be used to recover depleted soils.


About the restaurant Mauritânia Real

Very close to the Basilio Teles garden, and next to the Matosinhos Town Hall is the Mauritânia Real.

Its decoration is simple and elegant, and the space has a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Mauritânia Real is the famous brewery restaurant where you will find everything from always fresh fish dishes to hearty meat dishes and appetizing seafood. The highlight is the fisherman’s fish rice, the grilled squids, the grilled beef ribs, the steak, the Brazilian picanha, the Mauritian veal stew, the Alentejo pork, the Lagareiro cod , the monkfish kebab decorated with shrimp, the grilled sole, the seafood assortment, the shrimp from our coast, the seafood rice, among many other irresistible delicacies. Be sure to check out the dessert menu, you won’t regret it.

Mauritania Real is the ideal restaurant for a business lunch or a family dinner.

Source: The Fork 8,9/10 (107 reviews)

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