Summer school in Italy using Big Hanna for their food waste

We believe it in creating systems that minimizes waste because it is a major tool in reducing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change. Treating waste close to the source raises social awareness. This is exactly what this school in Italy is doing with our Big Hanna...

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Big Hanna composter at Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini, Italy

Visit the Big Hanna composter distributor Achab Group at Ecomondo – The green technologies Expo in Rimini, Italy the 6-9th of November 2018. Our distributor Achab Group welcomes you to their stand B1 pad 4. Achab Group will show how Big Hanna composter makes possible...

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First Big Hanna installed at a Zoo, the Akron Zoo in Ohio

The Akron Zoo in Ohio, United states of America installed the first Big Hanna composter to be used at any zoo or aquarium in the world earlier this spring. The Big Hanna will make it possible for the Akron Zoo to divert 51 Short tons (US) of organic waste away from...

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Mocha and a Croissant

On Wednesday morning July 25th, 2018, he walked out of Richland Correctional Institution, RiCI, to never go back in. Wearing simple sweatpants and a white T-shirt with a coffee stain, his belongings in two net bags, he made his way towards me where I had waited in my...

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Big Hanna in the northern lights north of the Arctic Circle

Almost as far north as you can come in Sweden and 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle lies Abisko National Park. This is also home to STF's northernmost facility.     Magic all year round There is something magical that attracts in Abisko. The location...

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