We would like to recommend the amazing film “Kiss the ground” about healthy soils, how it is possible to restore depleted soil and at the same time how healthy soils can absorb CO2 from our atmosphere.

This film convinced us that only reducing our emissions alone will not be enough to solve the climate crisis. There is a fantastic tool right under our feet that can help us improve our environment.

So, if you have some time during the upcoming Holiday, watch the movie “Kiss the ground”. The film is available on Netflix or from “Kiss the ground” website.

Read more about the fantastic work that ‘Kiss the ground’ does below or on www.kisstheground.com where you also can watch the trailer. 

Kiss the Ground is a 501(c)3 increasing societal awareness about the extraordinary benefits of healthy soil. We educate millions of people across the globe and provide pathways for everyone to participate in the movement. Through our Stewardship and Farmland programs we directly support farmers and their adoption of regenerative agriculture and cultivate leaders who can implement change at a community level and within the key sectors of business, policy, media, and education. We also create inspiring media, strong partnerships, and shift policy.


This information is from www.kisstheground.com

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