The first compost is never forgotten


In Torrioni, a municipality of 530 inhabitants of the Province of Avellino, Italy, in addition to the renowned wine Greco di Tufo DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin), from today an excellent compost is also produced.

It is the result of both electromechanical composting with’ Big Hanna’, a T120 model put into operation for several months, for the treatment of organic waste on site (for about 100 citizens) and home composting (for the remaining citizens) through domestic composters reusing organic waste (turned into compost) in greenhouses and gardens.

A real turning point for the small Municipality which, in this way, could reduce the costs of collecting, transporting, and treating organic waste.

Credits and collaborations

The municipality has applied for registration in the MiPaaf register (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) as a producer of mixed compost soil improver. Furthermore, the Municipality will shortly start a collaboration with ‘Istituto Agrario Vetrone’, a local agricultural college in Benevento, to use part of the compost in the school’s greenhouses and crops for agronomic study and analysis activities.

The numbers from July 2020

In summary, these are the numbers of the project started in July 2020:

  • 2,5 tons of organic waste treated with the electromechanical composter
  • 600 kg of compost produced and certified by MiPaaf accredited laboratory

Strong was the determination of the Administration, with the Mayor Oliviero in the lead, in identifying and then adopting sustainable and innovative solutions for the implementation of composting on a municipal scale.

In the end, the active participation of all citizens have been a virtuous example for other communities.


To read this info in Italian IL PRIMO COMPOST NON SI SCORDA MAI

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