América Free Zone ( is a free business development area in the province of Heredia, located in the heart of the San Jose Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica. Despite having extensive experience in providing services to the companies that are located in it, it has state-of-the-art facilities, impeccably endowed with any cutting-edge technology to achieve full excellence in its services.

AFZ is home to the most important technology companies present in the country, such as Dell, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Bosch, Bayer, CGM, Baxter and DHL. In total more than 11 000 people work in the AFZ area and the vast majority of them eat their daily lunch at the Food Court at AFZ. The Food Court have a vast gastronomic offer which includes healthy fast food, executive and Costa Rican typical dishes, homemade like food, cafeterias, natural shakes and smoothies, pastry and sweets.

The restaurants generates large amounts of organic waste that now can be converted into compost with the Big Hanna technology provided by Wastech Costa Rica and BERCA GROUP.

AFZ has created the first milestone of what will be an ambitious organic waste treatment project, changing the current management model through landfill by a more sustainable system, in the proposed goal of maintaining and improving its ” Carbon Neutral “.

That first step consists of the installation of the first Big Hanna composting machine, a T120_10GS model equipped with an internal shredder that allows the treatment of up to 157 lbs per day of organic waste.

This first phase will be followed by four more to achieve the total treatment capacity required by AFZ and in this way provide a sustainable outlet for all the organic waste generated, eliminating its transfer and landfill, which will avoid a considerable expense of natural resources and emission of greenhouse gases, a crucial strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.

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