Susteco AB and our main suppliers are open but are of course taking the recommended precautions in order not to spread Covid-19.

We are available if you have any questions regarding composting, spare parts or machines.

We realize that some of our customers will have to shut down their machines for a period even though in general waste still have to be taken care of. It is easy to turn the Big Hanna off for a period without emptying the compost. 

This is how:

  • When you stop adding food waste, keep the current settings of your Big Hanna for another week.
  • After approximately one week, please note down the current settings and then change the settings so there is one rotation every 4 hours.
  • After a few weeks when the compost in the Big Hanna is as follows:
    • The material is dry.
    • The material looks like soil.
    • The temperatures in the biological process inside the cylinder are less 20 degrees in all material.
  • Turn off the Big Hanna, the material can stay inside the cylinder.

When you start adding food waste into Big Hanna again:

  • Turn the composter on.
  • For one week keep the settings so the machine rotates 1 time every 4th
  • After one week change the settings back to what it was before (the settings you noted before changing to one rotation every 4th hour).

If you have any questions, please just call us or send an email and we will guide you.

Take care and be safe.


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