Big Hanna composter, working in harmony with nature

We have seen a change in the way people think about food, at least here in Sweden. 10-15 years ago, people said: ‘You can’t compost because the soil will be contaminated with dangerous chemicals and pesticides.’ We always answered: ‘This is food that you are prepared to eat, to put inside your body so you should be willing to make compost out of it?’ Today, people are talking about the quality of food, growing locally and ‘slow food’ has become popular, we are so much more aware, and this makes us hopeful and we feel that things are moving ever so slowly in the right direction, towards sustainability.

Big Hanna does not use any accelerators nor additives when it is producing mature compost. We believe in working in harmony with nature.

Big Hanna in Probistip, North Macedonia as part of an EU-funded Interreg project Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)

We believe in creating systems that minimizes food waste and are very happy to be part of the EU-funded Interreg project Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) which focus on source separation of food waste from Municipalities and the Hospitality Industry. The aim of the project is to get a high-quality end-product and minimizing organic waste going to landfill.


What is Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)?

Instead of a fixed cost for waste-collection, the cost depends on how much waste is collected giving the ‘producer of the waste’ a financial incentive to minimize the waste.

Probistip is a municipality located 100 km east of Skopje. Since the Roman times it is known for its mining industry. During the autumn Big Hanna was installed at two sites, one is servicing two Hotels and one a housing area. The installation and ground works was done by Avto Engineering.

The program is called ‘Utilising Pay As You Throw Systems and Autonomous Composting Units for Biowastes Management in Touristic Areas’. Read more. 

The North Macedonian partners in this project are the Municipality of Probistip and the University ”Goce Delcev” in Stip.

The Municaplity of Yermasoyia in Cyprus is another partner in this project as we have written about earlier. Read more. 

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