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The Akron Zoo in Ohio, United states of America installed the first Big Hanna composter to be used at any zoo or aquarium in the world earlier this spring. The Big Hanna will make it possible for the Akron Zoo to divert 47 tons of organic waste away from landfills.
“It represents a great example of the sustainable practices happening in our community and is a clear demonstration of our conservation mission in action,”
Doug Piekarz

president and CEO, the Akron Zoo

On April 23:rd this spring there was an inauguration of this exiting project at the Akron Zoo. The Big Hanna is installed in a newly built building that holds a skylight for natural daylight and a passive solar wall to help heat the building in winter and lower the temperatures in the summer.
The Ohio EPA and Summit ReWorks worked together with the Zoo to help fund and plan the project and now they can start compost. In the composter Akron Zoo will mix food waste and animal waste generated at the Zoo together with absorbent material like wood shavings, shredded straw and sawdust. The finished compost will be used on the Akron Zoo premises for soil amendment in flowerbeds.

Susteco AB is proud to be a part of Akron Zoo Green initiatives. On Akron zoo’s website they write about how they implement green practices in their work and what they have accomplished so far.

“We believe that being “green” is a process of decision making at all levels of the organization; it is not a destination that we will ever arrive at. Sustainability requires constant adjustment, change, and improvement as new opportunities, practices or technologies are developed. We began our journey two decades ago with the formation of our Green Team. Since that time we have achieved many successes and work to continuously expand our sustainability efforts in a myriad of ways.”
Our distributor EC ALL Ltd can give you more information about Big Hanna installations in the United States of America.

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