Food waste is turned into an asset - compost.     Suitable for densely populated areas with our unique biofilter.    No transportation of food waste, savings on collection fees and zero emissions.     Compost recovers depleted soils.    No need for chemical fertilizers.    Machine's life span - more than 20 years.    Machine's end of life - 99% recyclable.    Earn credits in LEED and BREEAM.

US installtions include:

Noble Correctional Institution. 2 – T240
Pickaway Correctional Institution. T480
Ross Correctional Institution. T480
London Correctional Institution. T480
Mansfield Correctional Institution. T480
Richland Correctional  Institution. T480
Belmont Correctional Institution. T480
Circleville Juvenile Facility. T60
Indian River juvenile Facility.  T60
Akron Zoo. T480

Summer school in Italy using Big Hanna for their food waste

We believe it in creating systems that minimizes waste because it is a major tool in reducing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change. Treating waste close to the source raises social awareness. This is exactly what this school in Italy is doing with our Big Hanna...

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