UNIVALOM – an association controlled by a number of local councils with the objective to recycle household waste just finished their eleventh composting facility which can be used by the residents nearby. 

In the area UNIVALOM just opened the recycling center and a collection place for organic waste from households and companies. The organic waste is composted on site by a Big Hanna Composter. 

By installing this Big Hanna model T75, UNIVALOM implements their strategy for sustainable development and recovery of food waste. 

This Big Hanna is equipped with a bin lift, a shredder and a biofilter. It is installed in a separate house and there is a covered maturation bay and a garden that is used for education in the same area. 

This machine is a second hand machine (sold with a one year warranty) and can be replaced if there is a need for more capacity. The food waste is added every day from a special bin which is situated near the road. Once a week a representative comes to demonstrate the machine and to eduacte the public in composting and recycling. 


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