Guidelines for Susteco AB Personal Data Processing

Version – date: 25/5/2018

(Please note that this document is translated from Swedish and that the original guidelines are in Swedish.)

Susteco AB safeguards the protection of personal privacy and provides these guidelines to inform you of about Susteco AB’s personal data processing for; customer purchases of Susteco AB’s products and services, at Susteco AB’s purchases of suppliers’ products and services, when participating in Susteco AB’s installations and training events, at Susteco AB’s direct marketing to persons and companies, and at Susteco AB’s premises (jointly referred to as “Product”, “Products”, “Products”).

1. Who collects your Personal Information?

Susteco AB, org nr: 556545-3908, Fabriksstraket 28, 433 76 Jonsered is responsible for the personal data processed under these guidelines. Susteco AB processes your personal information in accordance with the rules that apply to such personal data processing at any time.

These personal data processing guidelines apply to all Susteco AB’s processing of your personal data.

2. What are personal data?

The personal data covered by these guidelines are the information you provide to Susteco AB in connection with the provision and use of the Products such as, for example, Your Name, Email Address, Address, Phone Number, Employer, IP Number of Your Technical Receiving Equipment, Picture of You, Audio Recordings of You, Your Payment Information, Your Customer Number, Order Number, and any additional information you provide to Susteco AB in connection with the use of the Products that can be linked to you as a person (commonly referred to as “Personal Data”, “Personal Data”).

Personal data are not considered information that does not allow a direct or indirect association with you.

3. What type of data does Susteco AB collect, process and use and for what purpose?

Susteco AB collects, records, processes and stores the following Personal Data in structured material (eg in databases, case management systems) and in unstructured material (eg on web pages, in e-mail, social media, articles), electronic and paper for the situations described below and for the following purposes:

  • When purchasing Susteco AB’s products and services, collection, registration, processing and storage can be done of the following Personal Data: Your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Company Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Billing Address, Order Number, Reservation Number Reference, Customer Number and IP number with the purpose of fulfilling the agreement we entered into with you as a Customer and providing a service or product that you request, in order to fulfill our statutory obligation, for billing, payment and accounting purposes, for marketing purposes, for complaint handling , for customer service, security, privacy and administration issues, quality work and business development.
  • When Susteco AB purchases a suppliers’ products and services, collection, registration, storage and processing can be done of the following Personal Data:
    Your name, email address, phone number, title, company name, address, org number, account number, billing information (eg credit card number) and IP number with the purpose of fulfilling the agreement entered into by Susteco AB with you to fulfill Susteco AB’s statutory obligation for payment and accounting purposes or for quality, marketing, complaint management, security, confidentiality and administrative matters.
  • When participating in Susteco AB’s installations and training events, collection, registration, storage and processing can be done of the following personal data:
  • Your name, e-mail address, phone number, company name, address, postal code, city, organization number, invoice address, installation address, picture of you, audio recording and billing address with the purpose of registering and providing follow-up and support for a service or product you purchased, to fulfill our statutory obligation for billing, payment and accounting purposes, for marketing purposes, customer service, for confidentiality and administrative issues as well as for statistical purposes. During Susteco AB installations and training events you can be photographed and video-filmed. Susteco AB may publish a picture, sound recording and work-related information about you on Susteco AB’s intranet, websites, articles, newsletters, educational and information material.
  • Prior to Susteco AB’s direct marketing to companies and individuals, Susteco AB has collected, stored and processed the following personal data: Your name, e-mail, IP number for marketing purposes, for confidentiality and for administration and for statistical purposes.
  • During visits to Susteco AB premises, collection, storage and processing of the following personal data can be done: Your name, your employer, image, audio recording for you for administration purposes and for marketing purposes.
  • In addition to the information you provide to Susteco AB, we may also collect information about your use of our Products on your device in other ways. For example, we can collect:
    • Log information: Eg. data for statistical purposes through the Google Analytics service such as ex. when and how long you use our websites, search terms you enter through the services, and all information stored in cookies we have placed on your device for the purpose of facilitating the functionality of the web pages.
    • Location Information: When using the Google Analytics service, the IP address’s region and country are retrieved for statistical purposes.
    • Other information about your use of our websites, such as the programs you use, the websites you visit and how you interact with content offered through our websites with the purpose of developing our websites.
  • Susteco AB can receive information about you from public and private actors (in accordance with laws and regulations) which we can combine with other information we receive from or about you. Susteco AB may also receive information about you from third-party social networking services when you choose to connect to such services.

4. How long does Susteco AB save your personal information?

Susteco AB will only save your Personal Information for as long as we need to provide support, maintenance and service of our Products and no longer permitted by the Data Inspection’s guidelines and practices regarding the storage and deletion of personal data or as stated by any legal obligation to save the information for an extended period of time in accordance with applicable personal data regulations.

5. Do we transfer your personal data to third parties?

Susteco AB mainly has its servers in the cloud through third party cloud services where your personal data are stored. The cloud service used is Microsoft’s currently considered approved by GDPR.

Susteco AB may, through direct mail, use information about you that we collect to provide you with information about promotions, special offers and other information about our products and services. Such information will be provided in accordance with applicable law. This means, for example, that we can only send direct mail to you by email after you give your active consent to this or in some cases based on the existing contractual relationship. When you receive direct mail from us via email you will always be given the opportunity to say no to continue such advertising. In addition, you can inform us by e-mail at that you no longer want direct mail from us. However, if you withdraw your consent to receive direct mail, we will not remove all your information from our databases unless you specifically request that we do so.

6. Cookies

A cookie is a text file sent from a web page, eg. to your computer where it is stored either in memory (session cookies) or as a small text file (permanent cookies). Susteco AB uses both types of these cookies. By using the website you also accept the use of these cookies.

7. Security

Except as stated in these guidelines, Susteco AB will not transfer your Personal Data to third parties. Susteco AB maintains strict physical, electronic and administrative security measures to protect your Personal Data in accordance with applicable rules. This means that we regularly review our security and remedies regarding personal data processing.

8. Who is responsible for the information you provide to third parties, the use of social media etc?

The information you choose to disclose to third parties is not covered by Susteco AB’s privacy policy guidelines. You are responsible for the information you provide to third parties, for example Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. Susteco AB can be accessed through third party services and platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You should be aware that Susteco AB has no control or liability for the processing of personal data by such third parties. Susteco AB’s Products may also contain links to third party services or websites. If you use such links, Susteco AB has no control over such third party services or Web sites (or its content), nor has any liability whatsoever.

Susteco AB’s website can provide features that allow you to share information in your social networks and interact with us. If you use such features, Susteco AB has no control over such third party services or websites (or its content), nor is it responsible for these.

9. Your right to withdraw consent

If you have given your consent to Susteco AB personal data processing, you are entitled to at any time recall any given consent (but not retroactively) to processing your personal data. To this end, it is enough to send an email to:

You can also notify us that you no longer wish to receive direct marketing, letter-posting campaigns and similar purposes, at any time with direct effect without calling for any special cause or consideration of certain notice period. Use the link contained in each newsletter to unsubscribe.

After you have withdrawn your consent, Susteco AB will only use the information that must be processed to provide the Products and we will refrain from any other processing.

You may also request that we remove any personal data that may be derived from you as a person by destroying or identifying them.

10. Changes to these Guidelines

Susteco AB reserves the right to change these privacy practices from time to time.

11. Your rights

You can at any time, at no cost, get information about the personal data about you that Susteco AB has saved. If any information is incorrect, you can only ask us to change your personal information. Please also let us know if there is any change in your Personal Information. You may also ask us to destroy or disidentify your personal information. You also have the right to have your personal data transferred to another person responsible for personal information, eg. data portability. You may also ask us to limit the processing of your personal data or object to Susteco AB personal data processing. Request for change, limitation, objection, deletion, data depreciation, information about Susteco AB personal data processing, findings, complaints and suggestions regarding data security shall be sent to: Susteco AB, Fabriksstråket 28, 433 76 Jonsered, or by email to: You also have the right and opportunity to appeal complaints to the Data Inspectorate  regarding the handling of your personal information.

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