The Rosendal’s Garden is located on Djurgården, an island in the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a public garden with a café, greenhouses, plant shop, function hall and educational activities. 
Vegetables and flowers are grown both in the open and in the greenhouses. The locally grown ingredients are used in the kitchen or by the bakery. 
The Rosendal’s Garden is placed on historical land used for gardening since the late 17th century. Between 1861-1911 some 700 gardeners were educated at Rosendals by ‘The Swedish Garden Association’. The Foundation “Stiftelsen Rosendal’s Gardens” was founded in 1983 and their main purpose is presenting organic gardening to the general public.

Rosendal’s Garden write on their website

‘The biodynamic principles include a constant focus on quality. Besides environmental considerations in all gardening work, all produce used in our food processing is selected with utmost care. The garden crops are served at our tables, and leftovers go back to the compost heap, providing first-rate soil for next year’s growth. Visitors can actually feel the continuity of a connected whole.’

In the backyard, in the kitchen and at the bakery bins are placed to collect food waste. Each bin is prepared with some wood pellets at the bottom of the bin to absorb moisture and add carbon to the biological process. The food waste from the kitchen and the leftovers from the café are composted in the Big Hanna model T240.
The bins are emptied in to the infeed hopper by the binlift installed at the front of the machine.  

After 6-10 weeks the compost is automatically emptied into a bin placed under the outlet.

The compost from the machine is put on the compost pile made from green waste from the gardens. The gardeners use the finished compost as soil amendment to grow ingredients to produce food….

If you visit Stockholm ‘The Rosendal’s Garden’ is a green oasis easily reached with a tram leaving not far from the central station. If you are in the Stockholm area it is well worth a visit. Check out their website at:

More information on how to compost on-site: 

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