We believe that people want to take back responsibility and fight climate change locally and are willing to do so wherever they live, work or enjoy life. We believe in giving back the power to choose a system to where the system is going to be implemented. We believe that decentralized solutions are the best way to make our world sustainable. Our flexible small-scale systems allow you to control the input and by that the quality of the compost.

Big Hanna is now introducing an RFID reader which gives our customers a number of new opportunities:

  • A municipality can show that food waste is composted at source (and also how much!) which gives opportunity for EU funding when diverting food waste from landfill.
  • It is possible to give discounts on waste collection fees to citizens who compost their food waste, enforcing the ‘Polluter pays’ principle locally.
  • Visualize how much food waste is composted locally and by whom and use that information as a tool to minimize food waste which always should be the number one target.
  • Several houseowners can use one Big Hanna composter and share the operational cost based on usage.

For many years Big Hanna composter has been installed in housing areas where the customers have put their food waste directly into the Big Hanna composters.

By using RFID technology, we now make it possible to install a Big Hanna composter in public areas while controlling who can put the food waste into the composter.  

When installing a RFID reader on the inlet of the composter only persons who holds a valid RFID tag/card can put food waste into the Big Hanna composter

The touch panel log at what time and which tag/card opens the inlet. When the RFID reader is combined with a scale the logfile will also show how much food waste is composted by each tag holder. The log file can easily be downloaded to a USB stick or emailed directly from the touch panel.

A tag reader on the ‘Big Hanna composter’ inlet lid. The lid has a lock so the lid only can be opended when a valid RFID tag is shown.

Two tag readers can read the same tag. One RFID reader opens the entrance to the waste site and one RFID reader opens the lid on the composter.

Big Hanna composter makes it possible for a group of people to easily compost food waste in a densly populated area and the high quality and clean compost can be used directly in the neighborhood.

More information about the ‘Scales and RFID Setup’

Contact us or our distributors to discuss a solution for your specific site: info@susteco.se 

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