Compost your food waste on site,
circular economy since 1991

Installed in more than 35 countries

  • Suitable for densely populated areas with our biofilter.
  • Machine’s life span – more than 20 years.
  • Machine’s end of life – 99% recyclable.
  • Earn credits in LEED and BREEAM.

Reclaim responsibility

We believe that people want to take back responsibility and fight climate change locally and are willing to do so wherever they live, work or enjoy life.

Our natural process gives you the most mature compost

  • Compost recovers depleted soils.
  • No need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Food waste is turned into an asset – compost.

Reclaim ownership

We believe that decentralized solutions are the best way to make our world sustainable. Our flexible small scale systems allow you to control the input and by that the quality of the compost.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We believe that everyone, individual and organisation alike, must contribute by reducing their CO2 emissions. Composting food waste on-site has a huge positive impact on our planet. 

Product range
from 75 to 10 800 kgs per week

Stop wasting food

We belive in creating systems that minimizes food waste.

Help Mother Nature recover

We believe in bringing back organic matter to help Mother Nature recover. Our compost will optimize the function of the soil and restore depleted soils. 

Listen to Big Hanna on the radio – wksu 89.7

Listen to Big Hanna on the radio – wksu 89.7

The Green Energy Ohio Tour showcases renewable technologies in homes, business and public buildings across the state - read more: and this year Akron Zoo presented their Big Hanna composter. The tour started and ended at the Zoo’s "Big Hanna"...

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