Big Hanna is now installed at one of the largest gold mines in the world, Tasiast Gold mine, managed by Kinross.

Adding another country to our list, Mauritania (located in northwestern Africa) our distributor Berca Brand installed two units earlier this year at the Tasiast Gold mine. The mine is located 300 km north of Nouakchott, where the two Big Hanna’s are in full operation treating all food waste produced on site. The result, the final compost, is going to be distributed to the villages around the mine in order to improve their agriculture. This is a fantastic project, bringing back organic matter to help ‘Mother Earth’s’ recovery. The compost will optimize the function of the soil and restore depleted soils.

The goldmine area is very big and the base camp have two kitchen areas. One is called ‘Senior Mess’ and the other ‘Junior Mess’. The two kitchens produce food for the more than 3000 workers active in the different areas of the mine. In this case the challenge was to bring the food waste directly from the kitchen to the Big Hanna composters. Before putting the food waste into the composter the food waste is put in to a WMS (one installed in each kitchen) in order to remove the liquid from the food waste. The capacity of the WMS is about 300kg/hour. The WMS reduce the food waste both by volume and by weight. Each of the Big Hanna composters have a capacity to treat 170 kg of food waste per day. With the WMS units it was possible to increase the capacity of the Big Hanna by approximately 50%. 

Due to the difficult climate situation; sand, thunderstorms and a temperature over 40ºC all the year around, each machine has been installed in a 40 feet high cube sea container. For Kinross it is an optimal solution to have the composter in the back yard of the kitchens in containers. In order to make it more comfortable for the users and the maintance team, both containers haven been equipped with an air condition systems. For the Big Hanna’s air condition is not needed. The Big Hanna composters are now installed in 37 countries in nearly every climate situation, from the arctic areas down to sub-tropical areas. 

Big Hanna have been used to compost food waste on-site for more than 20 years in Sweden. The possibility to compost on-site for kitchens of this size is still a quite new experience in Mauritania. Our distributor will go back soon giving more training about composting and will also make some tests of the finished compost, already stored at the site.

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Summer school in Italy using Big Hanna for their food waste

We believe it in creating systems that minimizes waste because it is a major tool in reducing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change. Treating waste close to the source raises social awareness. This is exactly what this school in Italy is doing with our Big Hanna composter – raising awareness.

The Municipality of Fiorano Modenese has applied for and received funding from Atersir, the Emilia-Romagna Territorial Agency for water and waste services, as a funding tender, ranking 16th out of 41 projects submitted, for the realization of the project ‘Compost kmzero’, within a series of municipal initiatives to combat waste and reduce waste. 

The Florentine project led to the purchase of a Big Hanna composter accompanied by a small communication campaign for local school pupils and their families.

The composter was installed at the Luisa Guidotti primary school in Crociale, to treat the food waste from preparation and leftovers of meals made for pupils and children attending the municipal summer camps, with the aim to spread knowledge and encourage the good practice of composting and raise the awareness of reduction of food waste in particular and of waste in general.

During the cutting of the ribbon in the presence of the municipal and scholastic authorities and a representative of Atersir, the operators at the school carried out the first load of food waste, while the 300 students involved in the project were distributed personalized boxes containing a small sample of compost and seasonal flower bulbs to plant as well as an illustrated leaflet on the advantages of composting and the operation of the composter.

The project estimates a potential reduction of 4-5 tons of waste per year. The installed composter can treat 75 to 100 kg / week, equal to about 10-15 kg per day of food waste produced by the school canteen as well as significant percentages of green waste originating from the maintenance of the school park. The estimated reduction is around 80% in volume and weight.

„The objective of the project – explains the councilor for the environment, Riccardo Amici, is to make the faculty, pupils, children and their families and the janitors of the school complex where the electromechanical composter will be installed, aware of the process of biological degradation of organic waste and use of the composter every day. It is considered in this way to inform and form, through events, dedicated moments and descriptive panels, even the families gravitating around the school, on the opportunity to carry out domestic composting, favoring virtuous behaviors to reduce food waste and reducing the volume of waste sent to the urban collection service, favoring the production of quality compost to be reused on the spot „.

With the installation of Fiorano Modenese, the Big Hanna machines delivered to all over Italy rise to 59 with as many as 35 already in full operation!

Read the article written by our distributor Achab Groupe in Italian:

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