The benefits of using compost – factsheets from European Compost Network

‘In organic farming, the earth is seen as a living organism. You could say that the earth breathes, eats, grows and rests’

Translation from Anna Backlin’s book ‘Jord i god kultur 2005’

Big Hanna composter

ECN (European Compost Network) have published two factsheets about compost and the positive effect compost has on soil. These documents explain the benefit of using compost instead of chemical fertilizers, how compost helps restoring depleted soils. When compost is made in a completely natural way (mixing carbon, nitrogen, moisture, and oxygen) without heating the process nor adding any additives like enzymes nor bacteria’s, compost improves the soil.

You find the fact sheets on ECN website or in the links below:

Fact sheet 1: Soil Structure and Carbon storage

Fact sheet 2: Soil Fertility and Productivity

How to compost the natural way with Big Hanna composter see

Big Hanna composter – circular economy

Compost your food waste on site, circular economy since 1991. 

We believe that decentralized solutions are the best way to make our world sustainable. Our flexible small-scale systems allow you to control the input and by that the quality of the compost. See how easy it is in this video.

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